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Why Your Business Should Get ISO 14064 Certification?

Why Your Business Should Get ISO 14064 Certification?

Over the past decade, the urgency to combat the consequences of climate change has escalated, leading to an increased demand for businesses worldwide to minimise their environmental impact. Many companies have started to realise their critical role in this effort and are making prominent strides toward achieving their carbon goals.

An integral part of this journey involves gaining ISO 14064 verification – a standard that helps businesses quantify and report their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions effectively. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the importance of ISO 14064 verification for businesses, its intricate requirements and the process for obtaining it.

ISO 14064, developed by the International Organization for Standardization, provides tools for measuring and managing greenhouse gas emissions. It helps organisations set up, validate and verify carbon accounting processes, hence assuring their emissions data and reduction efforts.

This verification builds credibility and transparency for businesses, especially when stakeholders, including investors, customers and regulators, are increasingly concerned about an organisation’s environmental performance.

Obtaining ISO 14064 verification involves a rigorous process that challenges businesses to scrutinise and streamline their operations to curtail GHG emissions. It constitutes a preliminary carbon footprint calculation covering operational and ownership boundaries, followed by setting targets for emission reductions, monitoring and measuring emissions and verifying results.

The process helps businesses understand their environmental impact better, devise effective carbon reduction strategies and track the progress of their sustainability goals.

The impact of achieving ISO 14064 verification doesn’t just stop at the environmental front but extends itself to an array of organisational benefits. ISO 14064 verification empowers businesses to become leaders in their respective industries’ sustainability journey, from enhanced brand reputation to operational efficiencies, better stakeholder relationships and business risk management.

In the forthcoming sections of this guide, we will unfold the layers of ISO 14064 verification, its detailed requirements and step-by-step process to achieve it, establishing a solid foundation for your business’s road to carbon verification.

ISO 14064 Verification: A Business’s Guide to Carbon Verification

As businesses worldwide strive towards achieving their carbon goals, obtaining ISO 14064 verification for carbon verification is now more essential than ever. This standard enables organisations to prove the authenticity of their emission reporting and reduction efforts, consequently enhancing their credibility and commitment to sustainability. In this detailed guide, we will explore the essential components of ISO 14064 verification, its requirements and the verification process, equipping you with the knowledge necessary to pursue carbon verification for your business successfully.

What are the Requirements of ISO 14064 Verification?

There are three parts to ISO 14064, addressing different aspects of greenhouse gas emissions management, from quantification and reporting to validation and verification. The three parts are as follows:

ISO 14064-1: Quantification and Reporting

ISO 14064-1 provides guidelines for designing, developing, operating and maintaining a robust GHG inventory system by specifying principles and requirements for quantifying and reporting an organisation’s emissions. Implementing an ISO 14064-1 inventory system helps businesses to:

  • Identify, measure and monitor their sources of GHG emissions
  • Determine their operational and ownership boundaries
  • Develop accurate, consistent and transparent emissions reports

ISO 14064-2: Emission Reduction Projects

ISO 14064-2 focuses on establishing principles and requirements for quantifying, monitoring and reporting emission reductions achieved through projects. This part of the standard ensures that businesses can demonstrate the additionality and legitimacy of their efforts toward GHG reduction. Guidelines under ISO 14064-2 help businesses:

  • Identify, plan and implement credible emission reduction projects
  • Demonstrate the real contribution of projects to lower GHG emissions
  • Quantify and verify the net reduction in emissions due to specific projects

ISO 14064-3: Validation and Verification of Emission Data

ISO 14064-3 sets out a framework for third-party validation and verification of carbon accounting processes. This part of the standard helps to enhance business credibility by assuring the accuracy and transparency of their emission reporting. Implementing ISO 14064-3 supports businesses to:

  • Select an accredited validation or verification body to assess their GHG data
  • Validate or verify their calculations, methodologies and outcomes
  • Demonstrate transparency and trustworthiness in emissions management

What are the Advantages of ISO 14064 Verification for Businesses?

Achieving ISO 14064 verification carries numerous tangible and intangible benefits for businesses beyond environmental sustainability. Some of the key advantages include:

Enhanced Credibility and Brand Reputation

By obtaining ISO 14064 verification, businesses can prove the authenticity and accuracy of their emission reduction efforts. This achievement significantly enhances their credibility and brand reputation among customers, partners and investors.

Improved Decision-making and Risk Management

ISO 14064 provides businesses with the tools to identify, monitor and manage their GHG emissions. This insight allows organisations to make better-informed decisions and effectively manage potential risks related to climate change and regulatory requirements.

Operational Efficiencies and Cost Savings

By implementing the requirements of ISO 14064 and undergoing the verification process, businesses can identify opportunities for improving their operational efficiency. This can lead to reduced energy consumption, waste reduction and overall cost savings.

Positive Demonstrations to Stakeholders

Adopting ISO 14064 and committing to carbon verification showcase a business’s dedication to environmental responsibility, fostering positive stakeholder relationships and positioning the organisation as an industry leader in sustainability.

What is the process for ISO 14064 Verification?

Successfully achieving ISO 14064 verification is a step-by-step process that necessitates expertise, commitment and a clear understanding of carbon management. The key stages involved in obtaining verification are:

1. Develop a Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Adhering to the principles and requirements of ISO 14064-1, businesses should establish a GHG inventory that identifies their emissions sources, categorises emissions under Scope 1, 2 and 3 and calculates their carbon footprint.

2. Implement Emission Reduction Projects

Following the guidelines under ISO 14064-2, businesses should formulate and execute credible emissions reduction projects to demonstrate their tangible efforts toward mitigating their greenhouse gas emissions.

3. Engage in Third-party Validation and Verification

In line with ISO 14064-3, businesses must enlist an accredited validation or verification body to assess their carbon accounting processes, emissions quantification and reporting. This step ensures the credibility and accuracy of carbon management efforts, essential for verification.


With the global push towards mitigating climate change and its impacts, businesses must actively engage in achieving their carbon goals. ISO 14064 verification plays an integral role in this journey, providing a clear and reliable framework for carbon verification.

By understanding the importance, requirements and verification process of ISO 14064, your business can confidently embark on its path toward sustainable operations and environmental responsibility.

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