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Carbon Reduction Plan: What Is It and Should I Have One?

Carbon Reduction Plan: What Is It and Should I Have One?

The issue of greenhouse gases and their impact on our planet is one of our most pressing environmental concerns. These gases increased global temperatures, melting glaciers, rising sea levels, and extreme weather events. They can also cause significant harm to human health, agriculture, and biodiversity. 

Besides taking individual actions, policy changes, and technological innovations, one of the best ways to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 is by creating a Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP). Although it may not be mandatory for Devolved Administrations, suppliers can adopt it voluntarily. 

If you want your business to help create a better planet for the next generations, this article will discuss a carbon reduction plan and why you need it. We’ll also tackle the three stages of greenhouse gases. 

What Is a Carbon Reduction Plan?

Suppliers create the CRP document to detail their current carbon footprint and plan to help the UK achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050. It aims to determine a project’s environmental impact by asking suppliers to share their environmental management practices when carrying out the contract. They must develop a single Carbon Reduction Plan and maintain its accuracy. Moreover, suppliers can also use this CRP whenever they need it. 

What Details Should Suppliers Include in Their Plans?

Suppliers must confirm their commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2050, provide emissions data, report in Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (CO2e), and detail environmental management measures. They should also get approval from their board of directors and publish the Carbon Reduction Plan on their website. 

What Is the CRP Evaluation?

CRP assessments examine if suppliers fulfil specific criteria and whether they succeed or fail in meeting them. The evaluation doesn’t involve any other scoring method or supplier comparison. Officials will assess the overall bid based on the guidelines mentioned in the contract notice.

Some Essential Notes to Remember 

Suppliers can find a template for the Carbon Reduction Plan in the Procurement Policy Note (PPN) to procure significant government contracts. Also, remember that you can’t substitute the CRP with other documents. 

How Can a Company Help You with Carbon Reduction Planning?

Creating this plan for your business is a one-time task that requires publicly publishing it and updating it yearly. However, as it is a crucial job, you must do it correctly, and a professional company can help you with this endeavour. 

These experts can help confirm your company’s commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2050, provide current emissions for specific sources, report emissions in CO2e, and highlight your vital differentiators. They’ll also help you detail environmental management measures and seek approval from superiors within 12 months of procurement. 

3 Scopes of Greenhouse Gases

After explaining the contents of this essential document and how experts can help, here are the three scopes of harmful greenhouse gases. 

1. Scope 1 

Scope 1 emissions are the number of greenhouse gases directly released from sources under the control or ownership of the organisation reporting them. Examples of these sources include boilers, furnaces, and vehicles that burn fuel.

2. Scope 2 

Scope 2 emissions are the greenhouse gases that an organisation doesn’t directly produce but are related to the group’s electrical, steam, heat, or cooling consumption. They’re included in the company’s reporting as it results from its energy consumption.

3. Scope 3 

Scope 3 emissions are sources outside an organisation’s control, like business travel, employee commuting, waste, and transportation. They usually comprise most of a company’s greenhouse gas emissions. 

Reducing to Save the Earth

Our world constantly faces a greenhouse gas issue that can wreak significant havoc on the environment and our health. Your company can help achieve net emissions zero by 2050 by creating a carbon reduction plan and seeking help from a professional company. 

If your organisation needs to create a comprehensive carbon reduction plan in London, UK, let Carbonology help! We’re ready to help you go carbon-neutral with our reliable carbon management solutions. Book a call now!

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